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The Floré Group provides its customers with a broad range of products and services. Group companies specialise in the distribution and production of nursery plants, the production of potted plants, and their trade and transport.

Distribution and production of nursery plants
Microflor specialises in the distribution, growth and acclimatisation of potted plants. Phalaenopsis is the most important line. 

Production of potted plants
ID’Flor produces two million rhododendrons and azaleas a year. Hortibreed is specialised in innovative azalea and rhodendron varieties.

Trade and distribution
The trade and distribution division consists of 3 companies, which focus on garden centres, DIY stores and wholesalers in the European market. Each of our commercial companies (Floréac, Coverde and Ostroplant) provides custom services and logistics solutions.

Logo Floréac

Under the ‘Innovating Horticulture Together’ maxim, the commercial company Floréac of Lochristi (Belgium) focuses on specialist retailers in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, such as garden centres and home improvement stores.

Microflor growing smiles since 1986

As biotech scientists, we breed, propagate and acclimatise orchids, hellebores and gloxinias. Three decades of doing so has taught us one thing for sure: there’s a smile in every plant.

Hortibreed (Lochristi, Belgium) is specialized in breeding and development of innovative azalea and rhododendron varieties that can be grown in a sustainable way. Only top varieties that meet the highest quality standards are distributed under the Hortinno®-label.


Moterra operates under the motto, ‘Plants connect, so do we!’. From Honselersdijk (Netherlands), the company sells green and blossoming indoor plants and garden and seasonal plants from acknowledged growers in Belgium and the Netherlands.


At its production establishments in Lochristi and Moerbeke (Belgium) ID’Flor grows rhododendron, azalea and clivia plants in pots under the brand name Hortinno (Home & Garden), and Strong!


This commercial company in the Floré Group operates from Lochristi (Belgium) and is an expert distributor of southern Italian plants to specialist retailers across Europe.