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The Floré Group is a family-run horticultural business. With consolidated sales of 122 million euros and a workforce of 550, we lead the Belgian market and are one of Europe's most prominent horticultural groups. Our business is headquartered in Lochristi (Belgium).

Our mission

In the space of six decades, the Floré Group has emerged as a unique and independent horticultural group with a prominent position in Europe. We strive to provide the very best horticultural products and services to our customers. To this end, we fly the flag of sustainable, environmentally conscious and progressive enterprise. We aim to develop sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

Our identity


Initiative and progressiveness are key themes in everything we do. We are constantly reinventing ourselves and re-examining our nursery and logistical processes. Through innovative collaborations with our partners, we go the extra mile and continue to push our boundaries.


Floré is synonymous with a passion for plants, craftsmanship, and respect for the environment in which we work. Our know-how and decades of expertise have given us a leading position in the European horticultural sector. However, we are always setting the bar higher, because we are happy with nothing less than the very best products and services.


If our group is prospering, it is the result of teamwork. Everything we do, we do with great respect for our environment and our partners. Collaboration is the cement that binds our group together, and the key to success in the long term.

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Our history

1954 Achiel Floré sets up the Floréac horticultural business in Lochristi. Ten years later, his children, Etienne, Irène, Marc, Luc and Geert, enter the family business. In the 1990s, the third generation comes along. 1981 Split between production and commercial activities. 1985 Setup of the nursery plant business, Microflor, under production. 1987    Setup of the commercial organisation Floréac Nederland to further support buying operations involving our northern neighbours. 1989 Creation of FTO to handle the group's transport requirements.

2002 Introduction of a new acclimatisation department for Microflor. 2005 Launch of a new lab in Slovakia for Microflor. 2006 New business premises, an innovative logistics platform of 3.2 hectares, for Floréac. 2008 Horticept, a Dutch exporter specialised in garden plants, joins the operating companies of the Floré Group. 2009  Setup of Ostroplant to purchase Mediterranean plants in Sicily. Relocation later in the same year of Floréac Nederland and Horticept to a new location at the FloraHolland flower auction in Naaldwijk.

2011 Establishment of Invento. This commercial company offers a year-round assortment from Portugal, Spain and northern Italy. It also offers heath plants in the autumn. 2012 Floréac Nederland is renamed Moterra. Setup of new commercial company Coverde, focusing on the wholesale trade. 2015 Floré sets up Gronex, a local cross-dock for plants in the UK. 2016    Microflor opens a new establishment for its distribution activities. 2017 The Floré Group joins forces with Amaplant in Amaverde.